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End of 2017 trip to PaP and Gonaives

At the end of December, 2017, HME organized a trip with Dr. Charous from Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. Charous has generously donated his time to provide multiple lectures on ENT topics in 2017.

HME President Dr. Cruff Renard and Director of Medical Education Dr. Galit Sacajiu traveled with Dr. Charous to Hospital La Providence in Gonaives to learn more about the administrative, clinical, and medical education challenges and opportunities. HME and Dr. Charous plan to work with the hospital to develop a big picture partnership and determine the practical first steps.

“Our visit at Hospital La Providence of Gonaives (HPG) was very productive. We have now a better understanding of the challenges that HPG faces. HME is looking forward to working along with the HPG staff in finding concrete and durable solutions around clinical and medical education.” -Dr. Renard

Dr. Sacajiu and Dr. Charous also had a meeting with leadership from General Hospital in Port-au-Prince:, including Dr. Colimon (recently appointed Executive Director), Dr. Tellemaque (Medical Director) and Dr. Jean-Gilles (Chief of ENT and Residency Director).

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