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Hme partnership with CALS

Haiti Medical Education project teamed up again with CALS Haiti in November to train 6 new CALS instructors and 20 new CALS providers, in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  We now have 12 trained Haitian CALS instructors.

CALS (Comprehensive Advanced Life Support) Essentials is a 3 1/2 day course for physicians and nurses that teaches a team approach

to all types of serious illnesses and injuries.  The course is customized for the Haitian situation.

Our CALS Haiti committee met on November 2 in Cap Haitian and made plans for courses in 2019 and for continuous training of medical personnel in 4 Haitian facilities.  Our CALS committee is led by Sterman Toussaint MD, president, Calil Turenne MD, vice-president, Maudelin Mesadieu MD, Treasurer, Manuchca Alcime RN, secretary, and Carlyle Schlabach MD liaison.

Carlyle Schlabach MD, Director of Emergency Training for HME, participated in panel discussions on emergency medicine at the Haiti Health Network meetings in Cap Haitien  November 9 and 10.  This was a great opportunity for collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

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